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Our Exterior & Interior Remodeling Services include:

Windows and Doors

Our Windows and Doors are the biggest entrances to our homes. Not only do we use them to get in and out, but hot and cold weather can use them too. In order to keep our homes a comfortable temperature throughout the year (and not break the bank), it is beneficial to have windows and doors that are up for the challenge.


Did you know that 10 to 20% of the cooled or warmed air within your home can escape through inefficient doors and windows? Talk about an impact on your energy bills during the summer months (and a huge dip in your pocketbook during those long winter months). Taking a few precautions before the summer heat sets in can save you money, while also keeping you more comfortable throughout the year.


Sometimes, a fix can be as simple as putting in some new weather stripping around the windows and doors. Weather stripping that is cracked, dried out, or broken can be sure signs that air is getting into (or out of) your home. Other times, windows and doors should be completely replaced; such as when window panes continually accumulate fog, early morning frost habitually shows up, or it just feels drafty to stand next to your windows. Windows and doors should also be replaced when they don't open or close properly due to warping.


Other more subtle signs that your windows and doors are not withstanding the weather efficiency test is when you begin to notice carpets and furniture fading from the sunlight, or lots of outside noise bleeding through the windows. If too much sunlight or noise is coming through the windows, then air is probably leaking in or out as well.


Call us at Randal Olson's Exteriors today, and let us help you get your home ready for a perfect rest-of-the-year (with many more to follow)!