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Our Exterior & Interior Remodeling Services include:

Upgrading Your Windows and Siding

With winter months and falling snow (yes, really!) just around the corner, its important to start thinking about all those high-energy exterior jobs. How are your windows looking? Could your house use some new siding?


Windows – Not Just for the View

Windows play an important part not only in the overall look of your house, but in helping with its efficiency as well. Have you ever walked past a window in the winter months and felt a cold draft coming in? Not only is it annoying, but it means your furnace needs to work a lot harder to keep the house warm; and you are paying for your furnace's extra effort! Having your windows inspected and updated before the weather changes can save you money in the long run – and will keep your house looking spiffy from the outside.


Siding – Not Just for Looks

Updating your siding may seem like more of a cosmetic change than anything else, but in reality, siding serves a very important purpose. Siding protects the integrity of the entire structure of your home. Imagine the frame of your house being continually exposed to rain, snow, and our famous Minnesota heat and humidity. Very soon the deterioration of the frame will lead to a much bigger and far more expensive problem. Updating your siding and checking for weathering, holes, cracks, and other damage can go a long way in protecting your investment. Taking care of any damage to your siding before the weather changes can also make a difference, as water can cause quite a bit of trouble when allowed to force its way behind your siding and freeze there all winter.


Ready to get a lot done this fall? Call us at Randal Olson Exteriors – we'll tackle those last-minute projects to help keep you and your home cozy when the snow flies!