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Our Exterior & Interior Remodeling Services include:

Replacement Windows for a More Efficient Summer (and Winter)

New windows can do a lot for a house. They add light, beauty, and value, in addition to the appearance of larger rooms. Energy efficient windows can also save money on your monthly utility bills - keeping warm air in, and cold air out. (Or vice versa, depending on the season.) Plus, as an added bonus, new windows are easier to clean!


If your windows are 15-30 years old, you might start noticing a host of problems, including:

  • Drafts - cold air movement by the windows.
  • Rainwater leaking into your home during storms.
  • Condensation or frost accumulation between panes.
  • Window frames that are out of date, unattractive, or faded.
  • Windows that are bent, bowed, or sagging.


If any of these problems show up, it is time to get replacement windows! When your windows start to leak, it can ruin wood trim, furniture or carpet that is directly below or near it. Drafts can really decrease the efficiency of your home, with heat loss accounting for as much as 25% of your heating/cooling bills according to the U.S Department of Energy.


Replacement windows can last for a long time; aluminum windows are expected to last about 20 years, while wooden windows with the proper care can last 30 years.


At Randal Olson Exteriors, we handle all interior and exterior remodels, including the installation of new windows. We can help you choose the most suitable windows for your home and budget, as well as perform enhanced window insulation services to make sure every window is perfectly fitted, and tightly sealed. Call us today for your estimate!